Senior UX Designer

Job description

Leapfrog's Design Team is driven by a passion to learn and excel. Our designers work with world-class startups and enterprises from start to finish, helping them build efficient and usable products. For us, it is not just a project deliverable, but a journey that we take together with the customer. We have a culture of learning, teaching, and constantly improving that each Leapfrogger takes by heart and that's what really reflects in our work.

We are forever expanding our design team to have more awesome people who can help us further elevate our mission. Currently, we are looking for Senior UX designers to join our team.

You need to -

  • Demonstrate product design concepts.

  • Work closely with product leadership, marketing, and engineers to drive the user experience from inception until launch and continuous improvement.

  • Apply design standards and processes in everyday work and work with Lead/Principal/Senior Designers for compliance.

  • Implement Leapfrog’s discovery and design process effectively

  • Work closely with the development team and facilitate the handoff of the design system

  • Participate and conduct design verification sessions

  • Learn and teach others to operate design tools like Figma, Photoshop, Sketch app, Invision (XD, AI, AE, etc)

  • Conduct market research to determine gaps in the market.

  • Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows, wireframes, and information architecture.

  • Create design flows and screens that are simple and intuitive for the user.

  • Iteratively designing and improving online brand and application UIs.

  • Learn and apply Agile methodology

  • Analyze and incorporate product analytics metrics to continually measure engagement and usage patterns.

  • Conduct user testing to drive product insights and enhancements.

  • Proactively recommend, suggest design, and contribute to strategic decisions with the product team.

  • Participate and lead communication with clients to understand their business goals and objectives.

  • Mentor junior designers in their practice, prioritization, strategy for career alignment and growth

Job requirements

  • Minimum 5 years of professional design experience with a proven portfolio and case studies.
  • Experience with industry-standard UI and prototype tools (e.g. Figma, Sketch App, Adobe XD, Invision, etc.)
  • Good knowledge of mobile design guidelines, and UI/UX.
  • Experience leading UX and visual design analysis.
  • Excellent sense of visual aesthetics, detail-oriented, good imagination, and vision.
  • Technical and design documentation experience e.g. design system, layout documentation, style guide document, color palette/style documentation, etc.
  • Experience with design delivery, handoff, and task management process.
  • Excellent concepts of design thinking, design process, design verification, and their implementation.
  • Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, IDX, UCD, application design scalability, and performance optimization.
  • Excellent written, verbal communication, and presentation skills.
  • Working experience with Agile methodologies like Scrum/Kanban.
  • Results-oriented, customer-focused with a passion to resolve tough technical and operational challenges.
  • Project skills:
    • ability to understand product vision and empathize with the client business;
    • ability to plan resources and schedules;
    • ability to plan and implement change management;
    • ability to negotiate tactfully with the client and team;
  • People skills:
    • ­ability to supervise, delegate & empower team members;
    • ability to persuade, motivate, inspire and mentor team members;
    • ability to provide direct and candid feedback to team members on their performance;
    • demonstrable experience of people development;
  • Strategic skills:
    • ability to simplify complex problems;
    • ability to identify with the company vision and be the change agent for implementation of company vision & strategy.

Interview formats

Step 1 - Phone Interview

  • Quick introduction, portfolio review, case study review, and QnA (30 to 40 mins)

Step 2 - F2F Zoom Interview

  • Quick introduction (5 to 10 mins)
  • Case study presentation (20 to 30 mins)
  • Portfolio presentation (5 to 10 mins)
  • QnA session (30 mins)
  • Design challenge (30 mins)
  • QnA related to the challenge (10 to 15 mins)

Please note that the interview will be conducted online and should last up to 2 hours.

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* Please apply with your latest portfolio and a detailed UX case study of any project that you have worked on.

Oh! One more thing, please go through this handy designer job interview article.

All the best!